The Fairmont Hotel in Southampton, Bermuda

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Entry Into Bermuda

New United States Federal Law requires that travelers entering or re-entering the United States on or after January lst, 2007 from any international country (including Bermuda) must present a government-issued passport to clear US Customs. For additional information on how to obtain a US passport, you may access an application on the web.

For Canadian visitors, a passport is preferred, however, you can use one of the following: the original or certified copy of your birth certificate, together with an official photo ID; or Canadian Certificate of Citizenship.

Citizens of other countries require a passport and possibly a visa depending on their home country. A return or onward ticket or other document of onward transportation to a country to which, at that time, the passenger has right of entry, is also required from all visitors.

Children under 18 years of age who are traveling with only one parent must have a notarized letter from the non-traveling parent allowing travel.

Bermuda has fairly strict entry regulations for tourists so please be sure you follow them before your visit. Contact Bermuda Tourism for more information contact 1(800) 223-6106). 


The Gulf Stream, which flows between Bermuda and the North American continent, keeps the climate temperate – not too hot, not too cold.

Bermuda has no rainy season. Showers may be heavy at times but the skies usually clear quickly. The weather does not often interfere with the enjoyment of outdoor sports and recreation. Summer temperatures prevail from May to mid-November, with the warmest weather in Bermuda occurring in July, August and September. The temperature rarely rises above 85ºF (29.5ºC). There is nearly always a cool breeze at night.

Spring-like temperatures give us cooler weather from mid-December to late March, with an average of 70ºF (21.1ºC), and a low of 60ºF (15 to 18ºC ). Very often, the months of December and January are warm with good swimming. Change of season occurs around mid-November through December, and late March through April. Spring or summer weather may occur and visitors should be prepared for both.


Getting Here

The closest airport to Fairmont Southampton is L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA) formerly named Bermuda International Airport, located in St. George’s, approximately 35 minutes from Fairmont Southampton.

Once You Arrive

Bermuda must be about the only place left in the world where visitors cannot rent automobiles. Why not? Tourist safety on unfamiliar, often narrow, winding, sharply twisting roads, is cited as the main reason. Another factor is Bermuda’s very small physical size and fourth-largest population per square mile in the world (after Gibraltar, Hong Kong and Monaco). Buses and taxis are readily available for guests to get around the island. Bus tokens available at the Concierge Desk and Hotel Front Desk.

Taxis are available at the airport, hotel, City of Hamilton, and are available by calling the Bermuda Taxi Association at 441-296-2121. Taxi fare from Airport is approximately $60 USD, plus tip (1-4 persons) and is a 35 minute drive each way.

Direct shuttle service to and from airport can be arranged by making online reservations at CEO Transport or by calling directly to 441-234-4366 in advance of your arrival. Shared shuttle is $15 per person. Private transfers & island tours are also available. Rates subject to change without notice.